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In Beijing ITA has a local staff of five Chinese nationals led by Sales Manager Zhang Pei. This team’s key activities are marketing, field sales and liaison with the Chinese licensed importers. ITA’s single-minded aim is to grow clients’ sales by a combination of product information, customer service and sheer effort, leveraging for our clients’ benefit the team’s valuable contacts and market insights acquired over more than 25 years of Greater China market experience. The Chinese book market continues to grow at an attractive rate and in most cases ITA has even been able to beat that rate in client sales growth.

Over the last two years ITA has extended its activities beyond its Sales Agency role to include Consultancy, Rights Selling, Content Services and Training, working with both Chinese and International publishers.

Key Staff in China

Ian Taylor


Beijing Sales Manager for the past eight years, with excellent contacts throughout the China imported book market.

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Ian Taylor

Deng XiaoXia (aka Vivian)

Database/Sales Administration.

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Key Staff in the United Kingdom

Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor

Founder and Associate; Former International Director, UK Publishers Association. Ian visits China regularly.

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Rob Scriven

Rob Scriven

Associate. Former MD of HarperCollins Language Division and Associate Researcher at Oxford Brookes International Centre for Publishing Studies. Rob also visits China regularly.

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Malgorzata van de Westelaken,

Malgorzata van de Westelaken

Rights Manager. Former Rights Manager, Palgrave Macmillan

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Keyi Lou

Luo Keyi

London-based researcher and rights assistant.

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