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ITA now handles the international rights for many of the leading university, educational and trade presses in China.

Chinese publishers are increasingly interested in promoting their titles abroad and selling translation and reprint rights to international publishers. The Chinese government may subsidize translation costs for certain titles. China is now second only to the USA in terms in terms of research output. Outside China, more than 30% of PhD candidates in North America and UK are of Chinese origin. Chinese studies engagement by foreign scholars is growing rapidly worldwide. International research libraries are building Chinese text collections. While there is undoubtedly variation in quality of published output from China , this will change as Chinese research grows further in stature and reputation. Developments in Chinese academic studies are too significant not to be a part of foreign international publishers’ interests. Similarly, there is a stock of Chinese history, literature, philosophy, religion, cultural studies, business, technological achievements, politics, and business which is essential information for international readers whether academic, professional, student or general readers.

ITA represents both print translation and English reprint rights for Chinese publishers, and also ebook and database rights.

ITA has more than twenty Chinese client publishers and thousands of titles available.

ITA’s clients include major publishing groups, state-owned publishers and university presses:

  • China Financial & Economic Publishing House, Beijing
  • China Intercontinental Press, Beijing
  • China Translation & Publishing Corporation, Beijing (part of China Publishing Group)
  • China Renmin University Press, Beijing
  • China Science Publishing & Media Ltd., Beijing
  • China Water & Power Press, Beijing
  • Chinese Media, Chinese Universe Publishing and Media Corp., Ltd., Jiangxi (representing: Jiangxi People’s Publishing House, Jiangxi Education Press, Jiangxi Science and Technology Press, 21st Century Publishing House, Jiangxi Fine Art Publishing House, Baihuazhou Literature Publishing House, Jiangxi Digital Publishing Co., Ltd., Chinese Peace Press, and Jiangxi Universities and Colleges Press)
  • Economic Science Press, Beijing
  • Guangdong People’s Publishing House, Guangzhou
  • Higher Education Press, Beijing
  • Huazhong University of Science & Technology Press Co., Ltd., Wuhan
  • Peking University Press, Beijing
  • People’s Literature Publishing House, Beijing (part of China Publishing Group)
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai
  • Sichuan People’s Publishing House, Chengdu (part of Xinhua Winshare Publishing & Media Co., Ltd.)
  • Tsinghua University Press, Beijing
  • The Commercial Press, Beijing (part of China Publishing Group)
  • Zhejiang Ancient Books Publishing House, Hangzhou (part of Zhejiang Publishing United Group)
  • Zhejiang University Press Co., Ltd., Hangzhou (part of Zhejiang Publishing United Group)
  • Zhounghua Book Company, Beijing ( part of China Publishing Group)

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ITA represents both print translation and English reprint rights for Chinese publishers, and also ebook and database rights.

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