Selling Rights to China

ITA has now begun to represent international publishers’ foreign rights in China.

Because ITA also represents Chinese publishers’ foreign rights outside of China, ITA has unrivalled access to opportunities with its Chinese clients. ITA also has extensive knowledge and contacts with many other Chinese publishers through its market experience, its local Beijing office and Chinese language skills.

ITA’s contacts are particularly strong in academic and education categories.

Now is an especially active time for Chinese publishers to seek rights partners as part of the Chinese government’s ‘Going Abroad’ policy. Chinese publishers are looking for strategic partners with whom they may build long-term relationships beneficial both to foreign publishers in the Chinese internal market and beneficial to Chinese publishers in a different way in the international markets.

ITA’s international rights agency clients include Oxford University Press [Higher Education] and Manchester University Press.

If you would like more information about your rights being represented by ITA in China, please contact:

Malgorzata van de Westelaken,

Malgorzata van de Westelaken

Rights Manager. Former Rights Manager, Palgrave Macmillan

e-mail Malgorzata

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