English Language Teaching

There are over 400 million English language learners in China. Rapid economic development of China has led to increased demand, with English seen as key to a host of opportunities. The English education provided by the public education system is not sufficient to meet the current demands and, according to the British Council, there are over 50,000 ELT organizations offering English language training in China. Recent changes in the market have seen exams become the focus for students, in addition to learners starting to study English younger and younger. ITA has a proven track record of delivering success for its clients.

What Our Clients Say

‘Ian Taylor Associates has been instrumental in helping Letterland operate in China and delivers consistent sales growth. Their professionalism is unrivalled and they are extremely dedicated to developing Letterland’s brand in China.’

Tom Wendon, Director of Sales & Marketing, Letterland
Shelves full of books in a library
portrait of a group of happy and smiling elementary school students in uniform
elementary schoolchildren using digital tablet together in classroom.